The Men’s Department at Word Restoration Ministries is a vibrant and purpose-driven community within the larger ministry.

Here’s an overview of their mission and focus:

  1. Commissioned Outreach:
    • The Men’s Department is commissioned by God to go beyond the church walls and into the highways and hedges. Their mission is to reach men and women with the message of Christ.
    • They take the gospel to the streets, engaging with people where they are, and compelling them to turn to Christ.
  2. Upholding the Mandate:
    • The department is committed to upholding the mandate that the Lord has entrusted to them.
    • They recognize themselves as a people and body of believers, empowered to bring restoration and transformation to lives.
  3. Enlightening and Converting:
    • Their focus includes enlightening believers, converting non-believers, and enhancing the lives of both.
    • Through confrontational deliverance ministry, they listen for God’s voice and seek to glorify Him.
  4. Lifestyle Expression:
    • The Men’s Department aims to express their personal relationship with God through lifestyle and behavior.
    • This expression extends to family, church, work, and community, demonstrating that Christ is lifted high.
  5. Empowerment and Productivity:
    • They desire lives to be changed by God’s Word, leading to empowerment through faith.
    • As productive citizens in their community, they actively contribute to positive change.

Join this team, called by birth, to learn and further God's calling for all men.