Young Adults

The Young Adults Church Department is a vibrant community within the church, specifically tailored for individuals aged 18 to 35.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Fellowship and Connection:
    • Young adults gather to build meaningful relationships, share life experiences, and encourage one another.
    • Regular social events, small groups, and outings foster a sense of belonging.
  2. Spiritual Growth:
    • Bible studies, worship nights, and prayer meetings deepen faith.
    • Discussions on relevant topics address the unique challenges faced by this age group.
  3. Service and Outreach:
    • Young adults actively engage in community service, missions, and outreach projects.
    • They seek to impact their local neighborhoods and the world with Christ’s love.
  4. Leadership Development:
    • Opportunities to lead worship, organize events, and serve in various capacities.
    • Mentoring and discipleship play a crucial role in equipping future leaders.
  5. Navigating Life Transitions:
    • From college to career, relationships, and personal growth, the Young Adults Department provides support during pivotal life stages.

Join this dynamic community as you grow in Agape, connect with peers, and impact the world for Christ!