Ushering and Hospitality

The Ushering and Hospitality department in a church plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming and friendly environment for both members and visitors.

Here are some of their key responsibilities:

1.     Ushering: Ushers are often seen as the extension of the Pastor’s hand. They ensure the smooth running of church services and maintain orderliness.

This includes recruiting and training church ushers, and developing a parking lot team if needed.

2.     Hospitality: The hospitality team is responsible for making guests feel and experience the love of God by truly welcoming them into God’s house through friendly and authentically gracious service.

This includes hosting a reception after the morning services, staffing and training volunteers for the visitor welcome center2, and reviewing the communication materials for first-time visitors.

3.     Special Events: The team also handles welcome functions at special church events. This can involve catering and reception for the installation of new pastors or farewells of departing pastors, preparing refreshments for church socials, and keeping track of all supplies necessary for such events.

4.     Visitor Follow-up: They take care of repeat visitors, implement a system for contact after the first visit, and work with pastoral leadership to develop a follow-up gathering.

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