The Women’s Department at Word Restoration Ministries is a dynamic and purpose-driven community within the larger ministry.

Here’s an overview of their mission and focus:

  1. Empowering Women:
    • The Women’s Department exists to uphold, encourage, and challenge women on their spiritual journey as disciples of Jesus Christ.
    • They recognize that women play a vital role in the church and the world, and their mission is to empower them to live out their faith authentically.
  2. Unity and Discipleship:
    • Their goal is to foster unity among women within the ministry.
    • Through prayer, training, self-development, and formal programs, they promote spiritual growth and leadership.
    • They follow God’s basic instructions from the Bible, breaking away from the monotony of “church as usual.”
  3. Community Impact:
    • The Women’s Department extends its influence beyond the church walls.
    • They engage with their neighbors, demonstrating love for God and others.
    • Their community impact reflects Jesus’ command to love God with all their heart, soul, and mind.
  4. Reflecting Christ:
    • In all areas of life—family, church, work, and community—the women aim to express their personal relationship with God.
    • When Christ is lifted high, men and women are drawn to His Word.
  5. Online school Initiative:
    • Word Restoration Ministries is building an online training school for women to further its impact.
    • Their vision is to reach people far from God and lead them into an authentic relationship with Jesus.

Join this team, called by birth, to learn and further God's calling for all women!